Product Warranty


1. Life time warranty applies to all stainless steel and brass metal work, against any manufacturing defects. A warranty against defective timber or workmanship is given for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase, same for indoor and outdoor furniture and indoor balustrades. A water repellent and UV guard coatings wholly envelope timber surface and are essential for added protection against weathering of outdoor furniture (splitting, cracking, swelling and shrinkage), so any of such defects occurring to timber surface, due to direct exposure to Australian harsh weather conditions (UV, moisture, rain) are covered by 3 years warranty.

2. Brass surface of indoor furniture or balustrade, polished to mirror finish and protected by clear lacquer coat, is covered with 2 years warranty against any brass surface colour changes (tarnishing, oxidation).

3. The warranty shall become void if the goods are used as commercial purpose.

4. No claim can be made by the purchaser under this warranty if:

  • any damage caused by accident, abuse, neglect, negligence,
  • any damage caused by improper handling such as dragging the furniture, bumping, scratching or using corrosive solvent to clean the furniture.
  • any damage to product caused by excessive influence of climate conditions, either indoor or outdoor, such as (but not limited to): excessive moisture, excessive cold or heat, or combination of both.
  • any damage directly or indirectly caused by unprofessional assembling, unauthorized repair, alteration, modification or act of God.
  • any excessive wear to timber and brass surface coats.
  • any damage to timber protective coat, which exposed bare timber to weather conditions for some period of time and caused any level of damage to it (splitting, cracking, swelling and shrinkage).

5. The purchaser must at his/her expense return to our workshop with the proof of purchase. The company reserves the right to determine whether the goods shall be repaired or replaced.

6.  Any goods returned to Advanced Stainless Steel Furniture workshop for warranty purpose must be suitably packaged as physical damage is excluded and will not be accepted as a warranty claim.

If you do experience a problem after warranty expired, we would appreciate your telling us. It is our endeavour to make products which will be passed on from generation to generation. Your assistance in this matter will help us fulfil this commitment.