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For house, office, restaurant, reception or garden decoration needs, metal sculpture can be perfect infill choice. Can be made with plain or combination of metals. Providing high end surface finish, professional workmanship and generations lasting quality products for those who value quality metal craft.

We offer an extensive range of design ideas and concepts which are all hand-made and built to order. Our experienced advice and flexibility allows you to redesign existing designs or combine your own ideas with our own.

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Sculpture The Vase-Assf

Stainless steel cables and stainless steel or brass frame, turn this sculpture into the vase. Can be fully transparent or filled inside with solid wall pattern. On the picture- entirely gold plated, made of stainless steel, or made of satin polish s…

Sculpture The Tree-Assf

Entirely built of mirror/satin polish solid stainless steel with gold plated hollow spheres. Can be built to any scale up to 6 m in height. This piece of nature likeness can transform any indoor/outdoor spot into metal art space. Indoor – Material …