About Us

Over the past 19 years, we have been involved in creating and designing furniture, balustrades, handrails etc., using professionally crafted stainless steel and brass. This has led us to reveal our own ideas and designs, giving you the opportunity to choose something unique.

Our experienced advice and flexibility allows our clients to freely redesign existing designs or combine their own ideas and concepts with our own. All our designs are hand-made and built to order. They are manufactured entirely in Australia to support our local economy using specifically selected materials to provide high quality results.

Our competitive prices can suite almost anyone’s budget, providing a high end piece of furniture, balustrades, sculptures… right for your needs. Either you plan to furnish your room, patio, garden… , where you have a option of the same design for indoor or outdoor and placing it as a decorative-aesthetic piece for home surrounding or enrich modern interior styles with accent of scrolls and ornaments for contrast and warmness.

A lifetime warranty gives our customer’s peace of mind and opportunity of redesign/modification options as extra flexibility. Perhaps you can’t find design-product you are looking for, let us know your ideas/expects  and we build it for you.

If any of our designs caught your attention, or you have more questions or want to receive a quotation of selected products, please feel free to contact us.


Advanced Stainless Steel Furniture
  • All design dimensions are for illustration purposes only, and can vary slightly.
  • Samples colours might be affected by individual monitor settings from real appearance.
  • Assigned designs are made by ADVANCED STAINLESS STEEL FURNIUTURE and are marked with company logo on completion.
  • Assigned designs are ©Copyright protected and CANNOT be wholly or partially reproduced without written consent.