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For over 19 years we have been involved in creating and designing furniture, balustrades, handrails and so much more. This has led us to reveal our own ideas and designs, giving you the opportunity to choose something different and unique.

If You looking for product professionally crafted which looks and lasts generations, just have a tour through our product categories and make your selection. The next step is simply filling in our “Easy Quote” form, which helps You easy match product’s material combination and surface finish. If You cannot find what You are looking for, share with us Your needs and we definitely find solution for You.

The 12 reasons to order our products

1. Locally made, that means close quality control and quick lead time.

2. Flexibility of redesigning/modification/resizing without extra costs.

3. Wide range of material combination and surface finish selection in single  design.

4. Life time warranty against manufacturing faults.

5. Selection of same design pattern in different product category.

6. Quality material selection for outstanding result.

7. Choice of same design for indoor or outdoor.

8. Unique design concepts not seen elsewhere.

9. Professional and comprehensive advice of selected product.

10. High resolution product images and videos for quick & detail view.

11. Highly experience team of professional craftsmen.

12. Free product or option worth of AU$1000 for any furniture order over  AU$5000.


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Most common and affordable balustrade designs for modern homes, tubular posts & top rails (square or round) and cables or glass infill.